Counseling services are provided for people of all ages, genders and races.

Individual Therapy

Crowned Counseling provides individual therapy to adults who are seeking to improve a situation or problem they are facing in their lives. Sometimes adults face traumatic experiences such as job loss, grief, death of a loved one and divorce. We use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) model to address moods and emotions, maladaptive behaviors, and cognitive processes. CBT works best with issues surrounding anxiety, mood, psychotic, eating, personality and substance abuse disorders.

Couples & Family Therapy

Family and couples therapy addresses issues and problems through family therapy. This can include all or some family members. Family therapy is usually needed when family conflict arises and causes strain among family members. This could be due to divorce, domestic violence, sibling rivalry, parent-child conflict, abuse (sexual, emotional, and/or physical), foster care, reunification and neglect issues. Family and couples are seen as a unit or “system.” Ideally, a system does not work unless all of the parts are working harmoniously, similar to how an effective family functions. When one suffers, it can affect others as well as change the dynamics in the family. Solutions are often discovered when families or couples work together. Family therapy is also helpful when a child is diagnosed with a mental health disorder or when a parent is suffering from a mental illness.

Child & Adolescent Therapy

Children often need a therapist for changes in their environment such as divorce, relocation, sibling rivalry, poverty, homelessness, isolation, and domestic violence. Adolescents face relational problems, friendship conflicts, stress, puberty, sex, body image issues, eating disorders, pregnancy, STDs, peer pressure, gender issues, drugs and alcohol and other types of trauma. Adolescents often do not feel comfortable discussing these concerns with their parents, siblings, or other adults. Crowned Counseling offers a safe and confidential place where these concerns can be processed and discussed without shaming and blaming.

Coaching, Consultation, and Training

Dr. Woods’ expertise extends far beyond her therapeutic interventions. She is affectionately known as “a therapist’s therapist.” Her diverse experiences have equipped her to provide coaching, consultation and training. Dr. Woods has worked with those who are seeking mental health services as well as with fellow mental health practitioners. As a professor and the Director of a Bachelor of a Social Work program, Dr. Woods manages, mentors, and supervises numerous professionals. She has assisted agencies through providing training focused on best practices with underrepresented children, agency and trauma training, and keynote speaking. Coaching services are offered to those inside and outside of the state. For these contractual services, please contact Dr. Woods.

EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

Dr. Woods is trained in EMDR treatment. EMDR treatment is ideal for clients who have experienced trauma or a series of trauma and continue to struggle with recurrent trauma memories.

EMDR uses your brain’s natural power to heal and move past those past experiences. EMDR therapists help you work through and address unprocessed memories by bridging both sides of your brain through eye movements, tapping, or other techniques, Dr. Woods can help you overcome your trauma, allowing you to alter your response to experiences that trigger those memories. Through EMDR, you learn to reprocess those memories, reducing responses that keep you stuck.

You’ve suffered in silence long enough! Don’t let those memories hold you hostage. If you’re ready to experience freedom from the things that have been holding you back, book your intake appointment today so we can start the process.

Learn more about EMDR.

Crowned Conversations Workshops and Courses

Dr. Woods offers a variety of workshops (virtual and in-person) on mental health well-being. Crowned Conversations are interactive workshops that create community among people sharing common identities. We recognize the importance of human relationships and seek to provide spaces where everyone feels seen, heard, and free to show up as their authentic selves. Through engagement in real, relevant, and relatable life changing conversations, we promote growth, compassionate self-exploration, and collective healing.

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Our Greatest Hope Is That All Engaged In Our Services Are Transformed Into The 2.0 Version Of Themselves.

We love to see it!